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NPM & Node.js

Updating Node & npm to Latest Stable Version


npm install -g npm


npm cache clean -f
npm install -g n
n stable

Updating Local Project Packages

Navigate to the root directory of your project and ensure it contains a package.json In your project root directory, run:

npm update

To test the update, run the outdated command. There should not be any output.

npm outdated

Updating Globally-Installed Packages

To see which global packages need to be updated, on the command line, run:

npm outdated -g --depth=0

To update a single global package, on the command line, run:

npm update -g <package_name>

To update all global packages, on the command line, run:

npm update -g

PM2 - Node.js Process Manager

PM2 is a daemon process manager that will help you manage and keep your application online. Getting started with PM2 is straightforward, it is offered as a simple and intuitive CLI, installable via NPM.

Follow the official documentation for installation and usage instructions:
PM2 Official Documentation