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Show all domains in NGINX configuration

grep -e "^\s*server_name" /etc/nginx/conf.d/*|sed -e 's/[\t ]*server_name//g;'|sed -e "s/ /\+/g"|sed -e 's/;//g'|while read line; do for i in $line; do echo -n "$i "|sed -e 's/://'  -e 's/\+/\n  |--/g'; done ;echo; done; echo

Engintron generate custom_rules for all domains on the server

ip=`hostname -i` && for domain in `httpd -S |  grep www. | awk -F 'www.' '{print $2}'`;do printf "if ( \$host ~ \"%s\") {set \$PROXY_DOMAIN_OR_IP \"$ip\";}\n" $domain ;done >> /etc/nginx/custom_rules && service nginx reload

Last update: August 27, 2021
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