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macOS Applications Tweaks and Tips for Better Experience, Productivity and Workflow and more🔗

iTerm2 Tweaks and Tips🔗

Using Alt/Cmd + Right/Left Arrow in iTerm

Go to iTerm Preferences → Profiles, select your profile, then the Keys tab. Click Load Preset... and choose Natural Text Editing.

Remove the Right Arrow Before the Cursor Line

you can turn it off by going in to Preferences > Profiles > (your profile) > Terminal, scroll down to "Shell Integration", and turn off "Show mark indicators".

Add External Wireless USB Adapter Support macOS (Wifi)🔗

If you have an external Wireless USB Adapter macOS won't let you use or control it. Thanks to chris1111 for his git repository with supported software that's allows you to use external wireless usb parallel to the internal wifi card. Follow this link to for supported devices installation:

Disable FortiClinet Auto Start-up🔗

Edit those files:


Change RunAtLoad to false it should look like this