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Renders to (hover over the link, there is no tooltip):


[Upstage]( "Visit Upstage!")

Renders to (hover over the link, there should be a tooltip):


[Relative Link](../ "Relative Link")


Relative Link

Use {target=_blank} to a link

[Relative Link With New Tab](../ "Opens new tab for relative home page"){target=_blank}  
[Reference Link With New Tab]( "Opens new tab for reference link"){target=_blank}


Relative Link With New Tab
Reference Link With New Tab

Named anchors enable you to jump to the specified anchor point on the same page. For example, each of these chapters:

* [Jumps to Links](#links)

will jump to these sections:

NOTE that specific placement of the anchor tag seems to be arbitrary. They are placed inline here since it seems to be unobtrusive, and it works.

mail link with emoji [📧](


mail link with emoji 📧

Last update: September 9, 2021
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