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Blog - News & Updates

Updated MacOS Section (18/06/22)

Updated the MacOS section of the website. Some content has been added and removed due to deprecation at MacOS section.

New Content (24/04/22)

Magic Mirror 2.0
External Power Button] For Raspberry Pi Wake, Power Off, Restart(Double Press)
Raspberry Pi - Motion Sensor Display Control

New Content (22/04/22)

Proxmox SSL with Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare DNS Challenge

New Content (21/04/22)

Syncthings is an application that allows you to synchronize files between multiple devices. This means that creating, editing, or deleting files on one computer can be automatically copied to other devices.
iGPU Passthrough In Proxmox Server
iGPU Split Passthrough In Proxmox Server
GPU Passthrough In Proxmox Server
Windows SSH Server - configure Windows SSH Server with RSA keys and PowerShell shell.

New Design and Features (15/03/22)

I've been working on the new design and new features for a while now.
Most of the work was done on the backend for this website including CI/CD, and Cloudflare workers.
Some of the new features include: Tags and Comments on pages. This feature will be implemented on most of the pages in the future.

Added New Tools to Penetration Testing (24/10/21)

Bettercap 1.6.2 tool for man in the middle attack and ssl strip
Metasploit Framework Metasploit Framework, a tool for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine
Wifite Wifite is an automated wireless attack tool

Proxmark Section (12/09/21)

Added Proxmark section at Penetration Testing.
New page About Proxmark device, RFID Tags and where to get them
New page Proxmark3 CheatSheet - at very basic level
New page Mifare Classic 1K ISO14443A - how to clone Mifare1k tags

ADB CheatSheet (12/09/21)

Added ADB CheatSheet page to Penetration Testing - Android.
You will find a series of practical example commands for running ADB and getting the most of Android Debug Bridge powerful tool