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Created: 2022-06-25 | Last update: 2022-06-25

UDM WAN Failover Telegram Notifications

This script will send a message to a Telegram chat when WAN connection is changed to failover and back to normal.

Github Repository: UDM Failover Telegram Notifications

Persistence on Reboot

This script need to run every time the system is rebooted since the UDM overwrites crons every boot. This can be accomplished with a boot script. Flow this guide: UDM / UDMPro Boot Script



curl -s | sh

Set your Telegram Chat ID and Bot API Key at



Parameters Description
telegram_bot_API_Token Telegram Bot API Token
telegram_chat_id Chat ID of the Telegram Bot
echo_server_ip IP of a server to test what interface is active (Default
run_interval Interval to run a failover check (Default 60 seconds)


Delete the UDMP-Failover-Telegram-Notifications folder

rm -rf /mnt/data/UDMP-Failover-Telegram-Notifications

Delete on boot script file

rm -rf /mnt/data/on_boot.d/


At boot the script with create a cronjob that will run once. This is done to prevent boot blocking.

Manual run to test notifications:


It's strongly recommended to perform a reboot in order to check the on boot initialization of the notifications