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BrewUp - macOS Auto Update Homebrew

Download and Installation

To download and BrewUp follow this link:
BrewUp Download and Installation Guide


Brewup script is a Bash script that uses Homebrew - The Missing Package Manager for macOS as it's base. Brewup uses GitHub as a "backup" of a config file which contains all installed Taps, Formulas, Casks and App Store Apps at your macOS. It also allows the use of Github main function of retaining changes so you can always look up for the package that were installed sometime ago and you just forgot what is was exactly.

What Brewup Actually Does

It just runs few Brew functionality automatically:

  • brew doctor
  • brew missing
  • brew upgrade
  • brew cask upgrade
  • brew cleanup
  • App Store Updates
  • Creating Updated Brewfile
  • Pushing changes to Git

Last update: September 2, 2021
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